“Bibi Ya Wenywe SUMU!” 50-Year-Old Man Killed After He Was Found On a TOP of Another Man’s Wife In Kisii

Police in Kisii are currently conducting an inquiry into a tragic incident involving the death of a man who was discovered in the residence of his romantic partner.

The deceased, Zachariah Nyakiri, was found within the premises of Isabella Okao, a widow who resides in the locality. The discovery of Nyakiri in Okao’s home triggered a vehement reaction from the local populace, with enraged individuals taking matters into their own hands in Ebate village, situated within Taracha Location.

According to a statement from a neighbor, Nyakiri, aged 50, was identified within the property belonging to the woman with whom he was romantically involved. This revelation fueled the fury of the community.

In response to the incident, authorities have transferred the deceased’s body to the mortuary of Kisii Referral Hospital as investigative procedures unfold.

In a statement, the police declared their commitment to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the killing with the aim of apprehending those responsible for the tragic outcome.