“Bibi Alikutoka” Netizens Claim Samidoh Looks Unhappy Since Edday Nderitu Left Kenya -

“Bibi Alikutoka” Netizens Claim Samidoh Looks Unhappy Since Edday Nderitu Left Kenya

Samidoh has achieved remarkable fame and success within a remarkably short period of time, thanks to his unwavering dedication and hard work. However, recent speculation among internet users suggests that his personal life might be causing him distress, especially since his wife, Eddy Nderitu, decided to leave Kenya and relocate to the US with their children.

The couple, who share three children, have been facing difficulties in their relationship ever since the mugithi crooner started a new family with his lover, Karen Nyamu. Netizens have been quick to analyze Samidoh’s social media posts and subtle hints, interpreting them as signs of his unhappiness.

One fan commented, “If the wife leaves, you cannot find peace. We know what happens behind the scenes!” Another follower added, “Honestly, he doesn’t seem happy these days,” implying that Samidoh’s demeanor suggests a lack of happiness.

In response to these speculations, the singer took to his social media pages to share his thoughts on peace of mind. He concluded that true peace can only be found in heaven, not on this earthly plane. Samidoh expressed his belief that despite his efforts to find peace in the world, his search has been in vain.

Challenging the common perception that wealth brings more peace, Samidoh stated that diseases do not discriminate based on financial status, and those who may appear peaceful often deal with personal struggles behind closed doors. He made it clear that, in his view, peace remains elusive in this world.

Samidoh’s post about the absence of peace struck a chord with Kenyans, quickly capturing their attention. Many sympathized with his sentiments, understanding the challenges he might be facing in his marriage with Eddy and his relationship with Karen Nyamu. Others offered words of encouragement, reminding him to stay strong and assuring him that better days would come.