Ben Githae: I am not a polygamous man,I only Have kids outside Marriage

Gospel artist Ben Githae has openly admitted to taking certain turns in life that resulted in the birth of three more children outside of wedlock.

Githae discussed this on TV47’s Dr. Ofweneke Tonight, which airs every Wednesday at 7:30 pm.

Pressed by Dr. Ofweneke to speak about his extramarital affairs, a hesitant Githae began:

“In my house, I have two children, Daisy and Patience, who are both girls. Out there…” he said, letting out a chuckle.

He revealed that despite being a minister of the Word, he strayed from his marriage and fathered children outside of wedlock.

“These are things I do not like speaking about because the children are now big enough. I do not want to put them on the spot. It is true I messed up.

“I can now advise these young men and women not to follow the path I did. All I can say is that they were God’s blessings and all my children are a blessing.”

When asked how his wife was coping after the embarrassing revelations came to light, Githae paused before saying:

“When something like that happens, people are obviously shaken a bit, but we are Christians, so we solved the issue and we are now okay. There is nothing special I did to make her forgive me, it is just the Lord’s intervention.

“The problem is failing to accept the mess you have created and living in denial.”

He clarified that he is married to only one woman but has a responsibility to his other children.

“I am not a polygamous man, only that I messed up. I have only one wife.”

Githae disclosed he would soon be making a cautious comeback in music.

“When I went from very high popularity to zero popularity, I hibernated for some time because when people from your tribe attack you, it is not easy. I have, however, been doing shows here and there. Ben Githae is back.”

He affirmed that in the future, he will refrain from creating songs for politicians.