“Bei Yangu Imepanda, Vijana Hawana pesa kama stivo Simple Boy Can’t Afford Me” Pritty Vishy

The socialite from Kibra recently responded to questions in an interview, where he strongly denied any involvement with individuals facing financial difficulties.

Up until their separation in the middle of 2022, Stivo and Pritty Vishy had been in a relationship for several years. Since their breakup, the gospel rapper has been linked to multiple romantic relationships with two different women.

Pritty Vishy expressed her frustration regarding her connection to Stivo Simple Boy amidst the backdrop of rising food prices.

Pritty Vishy has participated in several interviews where she discussed various aspects of her past relationship with Stivo Simple Boy. In her most recent interview, her responses left her supporters both entertained and perplexed.

When asked about the possibility of reuniting with her former boyfriend, Pritty Vishy expressed her anger, stating that Stivo’s financial situation makes it impossible for him to handle the high cost of living.

These comments followed Stivo’s appeals for food assistance from well-wishers after the termination of his previous employment contract.

Overheard saying, “My value has increased, and men facing financial challenges like Simple Boys can’t meet my standards,” Pritty Vishy made her stance clear.

In contrast, Stivo seems to have grown accustomed to such comments from his ex-partner and has refrained from responding thus far.