Beautiful Sophie looked thin like she was HIV Positive. Don’t laugh!

I have come to understand that losing weight can make a beautiful woman look like a skeleton or a cartoon in the village.

Why is Sophie losing weight, does she have HIV, cancer, Ebola or even Corona? For the past few weeks people have been going on and on gossiping about her saying that she has this and that; saying things they don’t even know more or have any idea of.

So this article will help to enlighten people on why is Sophie really losing weight and I wish this can help people understand exactly that gossiping and saying things that they have no idea of makes no sense in today society. Such guys are out to kill one when his time is not yet.

In short, Sophie is suffering from an illness that’s cauld Sugar Diabetic type 2 which her parents also had before they succumbed to it two years ago.

Actually, this disease has drastically changed her life since she was diagnosed in 2016 and people must stop talking about her ass. If they cannot help they should focus their energy on something else.

There has been too much gossiping what has been contributing to her ever dwindling health situation every day. When someone is sick people should learn to sympathise or give help instead of badmouthing. I am one of her friends who have been close to her spending a lot of money to just try and see that she doesn’t succumb. People still laugh at us.

It is very wrong and irritating to learn that when someone is suffering, others would be busy laughing and celebrating as if they will never be the same. Death is awaiting each one of us. We must be careful. I however thank those who have stood firm with her among them, Mwalimu Fridah and Logano. They have been good people all through.

They supported us to take Sophie to a herbalist who has been treating her for the past few weeks now. She has been improving at a very high speed and we are grateful that Sophie our friend is recovering; it was the other day we walked with her to the nearby supermarket to buy her some food stuffs. Mugwenu diagnosed Sophie just like a medical doctor and started to attend to her. Results have been overwhelmingly tremendous. beautiful girl with curly hairstyle - beatiful black lady stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

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