” Bangi Na Jaba zinafanya Unakaa Scarecrow” Fans tell Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze.

The Kaveve Kazoze sensation, Ngesh, found herself embroiled in a heated argument with a fan who decided to criticize her, alleging that she resembles a drug addict.

Ngesh posted on her official Instagram page, garnering positive engagement. However, amidst the praise, a faction of fans took to criticizing her appearance. One fan went as far as asserting that she doesn’t come across as a typical girl.

The critical fan advised Ngesh to present herself as a more decent girl, attributing her alleged deviation from the norm to habits such as smoking weed and using miraa. According to this fan, these practices make Ngesh appear less like a regular lady or “baby girl” and more like a scarecrow.

The fan urged Ngesh to reconsider her lifestyle choices, suggesting that quitting smoking and adopting a more conventional appearance would align her with the image of other girls. Upon seeing the comment, Ngesh responded with positivity, asserting that she is superior to the fan.

However, when the screenshot of the exchange made its way to the Instagram page stories of Nairobi Gossip Club, another fan echoed similar sentiments. This fan supported the claim that Ngesh is involved in hard drugs, urging her to quit such habits and conform to the behavior expected of a normal lady.