Bahati's baby mama ,Diana Marua Launches Rap Career-NEW Nicki Minaj in Town

Bahati’s baby mama ,Diana Marua Launches Rap Career-NEW Nicki Minaj in Town

It isn’t the end of 2021 yet and the year is still springing up some crazy shocks. One of these is the revealing of Diana Marua as a rapper, let alone as a singer.

The wife to musician Bahati is now a rapper recognized by the stage name, Diana B. To exacerbate the situation, Diana Marua promoted herself as the ‘queen of African Rap’. What an insult to the legit African femcees viewing music in a serious way!

Following quite a while of prodding a “big reveal”, Bahati revealed his rapper wife on Sunday at the Trade Mark hotel.

Diana B even performed her single ‘Hatutaachana’ and she also referenced that she is inspired by the likes of Nicki Minaj, Shenseea, and Cardi B. LOL!Kwani niko nchi ingine?!

“I’m doing good music, music for the soul, music for the food … I’m doing music for everybody, let us enjoy let us have fun, let us not categories fun,” she said at Trade Mark on Sunday.

Then, on Monday morning, Kenyans woke up to a music video from Diana B for ‘Hatutaachana’. In around six hours, the video had been viewed over 145,000 times.

The music video was the subject of public scrutiny for pretty much of the time on Monday, and the vast majority of the comments, particularly from Kenyans on Twitter, were personal and ruthless.