Baba Talisha: Kenyans please Do not use Chira’s death to chase views on TikTok

Days after controversial TikToker Brian Chira lost his life in a hit-and-run accident, influencer Baba Talisha has urged content creators to desist from using the incident to chase clout.

In a video seen by Standard Entertainment, Baba T said a lot has been said about Chira’s death and some have been spreading fake news.

“YouTubers are looking for witness statements about Chira’s death and some are even saying he was thrown out of a moving vehicle.

“You should go to the police station to record statements…stop standing in front of cameras to lie. I have been here waiting to get the OB number for the autopsy to be done but I still have to wait because the officer handling the case has gone to the scene of the accident with his boss,” said Baba T.

According to a police report filed at Karuri Traffic Base, Chira was a victim of a hit-and-run accident that occurred along the Ndenderu-Ruaka road in Gacharage area early Saturday morning.

It has emerged that he was going home after a night out at a popular joint in Gacharage when the incident happened.

He had been kicked out of the joint by security guards for causing a disturbance and boarded a motorcycle together with one Zeleck Momanyi.

Upon reaching the Gacharage roundabout, Chira asked the motorcycle rider identified as Abdul Charo to drop him home.

He (Chira) then alighted from the motorcycle and ran towards the main road where he was hit by a canter.

Chira was no stranger to controversy and his online outbursts often landed him in trouble. At one point he blamed loneliness for his behaviour and asked for forgiveness from all those he had wronged