‘Baba Gloria apologised and left group’, details of viral man revealed

Following the saga which is as yet still trending online as of Wednesday, October 27, some inquisitive Kenyans had dialed his number got from the screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation.

A Kenyan known as Baba Gloria has opened up on what happened that prompted him to accidently sending a raunchy message to a WhatsApp group for a burial fundraiser which was screengrabbed and shared as a viral topic on social media.

The video acquired by Viral Tea showed the Kenyans with a male voice waiting baba Baba Gloria will pick up the telephone while joking that he was hesitating to pick up.

When he did, they had joked that they were shocked that he could send a picture as explict as that to an online group where memorial service raising money conversations were ongoing.

“There’s no one who’s surprised, whoever wants to get excited about the photo is his own problem, but that was a mistake I made, I sent that photo to the wrong group,” he explained, much to the raucous laughter of his callers.

Baba Gloria then, at that point, revealed that he got several calls from the group members who were dumbfounded on what he had sent to the group.

On logging in to the WhatsApp group, he was met by a few mentions from the people who had disgraced him for sending the unequivocal photograph to a group where serious conversations were happening.

The members were making commitments to send off one of their own before one of them incidentally sent the gif of a sex photograph with a lady,
right in the middle of fundraising.

Baba Gloria was requested by some members from the group to promptly pull down the photograph.

On a day loaded up with politics and the President having his 60th birthday celebration, no one anticipated that Baba Gloria should pop up among the top Twitter trends from Tuesday evening, October 26.

Kenyans On Twitter (KOT), known for transforming a boring atmosphere into an electric situation, made images out of Baba Gloria.

The episode came only days after a Kenyan pastor situated in the United States (US) resigned on Saturday, October 16 from his church after a brief video of him requesting sex from a female attendee turned into a web sensation on social platforms.