Awinja : “Kama Unataka Nikue BIBI yako ,you Must Have 50 Acres of Land”

Actress and content creator Jacky Vike, popularly known as Awinja, has candidly outlined her criteria for a prospective husband on her widely followed Instagram account.

In a video set against a rural backdrop, Awinja, engaged in activities like tending to cattle and goats and walking through a cornfield, expressed her desire for a rural lifestyle in her future marriage. She firmly declared that any man aspiring to marry her must possess a minimum of 50 acres of land, deeming it a non-negotiable aspect of her life’s dream.

Asserting her seemingly extravagant requirement, the comedian emphasized, “Anyone who wants to marry me should know this is the life I want. I don’t want much, just 50 acres of land.”

The announcement prompted varied reactions from internet users and fans. Some criticized her for appearing materialistic, arguing that 50 acres were excessive, while others went as far as volunteering to provide more than the stipulated 50 acres to win the chance to marry Awinja.

One online user commented, “Women need to wake up and work… and weak men make life difficult. If you want something, make money and buy it… she’s asking for 50 acres, let her come, buy it.”

Supporting Awinja’s stance, another fan remarked, “She’s right on point, this is the real deal. You see, the Luhya community asks for valuable things.”

However, there were skeptics questioning the feasibility of such a demand. One online user quizzically asked, “Where is all that land coming from… that’s approximately a trillion… do you have a trillion?”

With this declaration, Awinja joins the ranks of Kenyan female celebrities who have publicly disclosed their dowry prices, adding a unique twist to the ongoing discussions about marriage expectations in the public eye.