Ati What!? Diamond Platnumz 'Zuwena' is only 17 years ! -

Ati What!? Diamond Platnumz ‘Zuwena’ is only 17 years !

Recho Elias, also known as Zuwena, has recently revealed her age to the public. The Tanzanian beauty, who played the main character in Diamond’s new song video “Zuwena”, has stated that she is still only 17 years old. During an interview with a television station in Tanzania, she expressed her frustration towards people not believing her when she tells them her age.

Recho stated that she does not even have a national identity card and is not allowed to participate in certain social events since legally she is still a minor. When asked about her age, she replied, “I’m only 17 years old, I’m still fresh, what do you think? Now this 17 has a very big secret for the beautiful Recho Elias! You are protesting whether you have seen the clinic card or you want me to give it to you.”

The interviewer still seemed to be in disbelief that Recho was only 17 years old. To add fuel to the fire, Recho had also mentioned that the television she bought after the success of the “Zuwena” video was a 17-inch TV. This led many to speculate that 17 is a number that Recho recites often.

Recho had previously revealed that Diamond paid her 17 million Tanzanian shillings to play the character of Zuwena. It seems that 17 is a very lucky and popular number for the video vixen.