“Ati nlichoma?” – Karen Nyamu speaks after Dubai drama with Samidoh’s wife

Nominated Senator and Mugithi sensation Samidoh’s baby mama Karen Nyamu has spoken about Friday evening’s ugly drama between her and the musician’s wife Edday Nderitu in Dubai.

In a live broadcast to her Facebook followers, Nyamu blames the drama on alcohol.

Karen Nyamu, in a video that has since gone viral, was seen pacing towards the table where Samidoh was seating his wife and sat on his lap.

Incensed, Edday rose to “protect” her turf- and man-, triggering the ‘fight’.

Karen apparently lost her cool and may have gotten physical with Samidoh but security men at the venue restrained her.

All the while, Edday attempted to pull Nyamu from her husband. 

Tension between the two love rivals -Nyamu and Edday- had started building up earlier, notably through social media.

“Guys kwani jana kuliendaje?”  Nyamu says in the live video after the trending drama. “Naamka Napata nimetag-iwa kila mahali. Kwani hamlalangi? Weuh. Pombe sio supu. Ati jana nlichoma? Heh…nawacha pombe mimi. Sikunywi tena mimi.”

Responding to questions from her followers, Nyamu said her earlier ‘invasion’ of the stage where Samidoh was performing was inadvertent, as she didn’t know she needed a license.

She also said she will not break up with her lover Samidoh, “Lazima tulee watoto.” Oddly enough, she later issued a statement again saying she has called off the relationship with the Mugithi star.