Artist Akothee: I’m 43 and my baby daddy still makes me cry, co-parenting needs maturity

Kenyan entrepreneur Akothee, known by her real name Esther Akoth, recently opened up about the ongoing challenges she faces in co-parenting with her children’s fathers. In a heartfelt message directed at another celebrity entangled in a custody battle with her ex-partner, Akothee shed light on the complexities of co-parenting relationships.

Akothee revealed that even after more than a decade, she continues to navigate difficult dynamics with the father of her children. Reflecting on her own experience, she emphasized the toll that co-parenting can take on one’s mental health if not approached with maturity and understanding.

At 43 years old, Akothee confessed that she still finds herself in tears over the situation with her children’s father, despite her sons being 15 and 11 years old. She stressed the importance of maturity, patience, and empathy in managing co-parenting arrangements, cautioning against resorting to hostility or confrontation.

Offering advice to another couple, Kora and her ex-partner Justin, who are embroiled in a custody dispute involving their young children, Akothee encouraged them to explore alternative approaches to co-parenting instead of engaging in conflict or legal battles.

Drawing from her own experience, Akothee highlighted the differing emotional investment often seen between men and women in co-parenting situations. While acknowledging that men may love their children, she emphasized the heightened emotional burden typically borne by mothers in such disputes.

Akothee also shared her own struggles with her children’s father, including his insistence on certain restrictions regarding their children’s online presence. Despite these challenges, she stressed the importance of finding common ground and fostering peace for the sake of the children.

Opening up about her personal journey, Akothee acknowledged the impact of co-parenting trauma on her mental health, admitting to past mistakes made on social media as a coping mechanism. Through introspection and personal growth, she has since redirected her focus towards her purpose and ceased engaging in behaviors that no longer align with her values.

As the world commemorates Mother’s Day, Akothee’s candid revelations serve as a reminder of the ongoing struggles faced by many parents in navigating co-parenting relationships.