Arrow Bwoy: Wakati Mtaona Nimefanya Collabo Na Nadia, Mjue Tu Amenilipa Ksh 4Million

Kenyan artist Arrow Bwoy has recently addressed the prospect of collaborating with Nadia Mukami, highlighting his willingness to engage in such partnerships under specific conditions, primarily involving financial compensation.

In his statement, Arrow Bwoy reflected on his past collaborations with Nadia Mukami, noting that while he has previously worked with her without monetary compensation, he now believes it’s appropriate to assign a tangible value to his creative contributions. He stressed that while he appreciates their previous collaborations, he feels it’s time to establish a professional framework where his efforts are duly recognized and compensated.

Arrow Bwoy mentioned that while he has been supportive of his wife’s music career, he views collaborations with Nadia Mukami as separate ventures requiring financial remuneration. He indicated a fee of Ksh 4 million for any future collaborations with Nadia, emphasizing the need for compensation for his artistic contributions.

Their past collaborative projects have enjoyed significant success, with tracks such as “Mi Nawe” garnering 6.4 million views on YouTube within nine months, and “Kai Wangu” maintaining a steady viewership of 6.1 million views even a year after its release.

Arrow Bwoy recently caught the attention of social media users following a viral video depicting him performing for a woman in Nairobi CBD near Archives. The video captured a touching moment as he and his team serenaded the woman at a table on Valentine’s Day, showcasing his ability to create heartfelt connections through music.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Arrow Bwoy has demonstrated his commitment to spreading love and kindness in society. He surprised other women in the CBD with flowers, further highlighting his compassionate nature and his desire to make a positive impact beyond the realm of music.