Andrew Kibe: Rue Baby Ndio Size Yangu, Akothee Impresses Maumau Veterans PEKEE

Kibe’s decision to cancel his plans of meeting Akothee in Kenya and satisfying her sexual desires, as he had previously promised, has now changed. Instead, he claims that he will send someone named ‘Mkenya Daima’ to adequately fulfill her needs.

The feud between Andrew Kibe and Akothee continues to escalate, with no signs of reconciliation. Both celebrities are engaged in a bitter online exchange, indicating that their conflict is far from being resolved.

Known for his straightforward and uncompromising style, Kibe remains relentless in his insults towards Akothee, showing no intention of backing down.

In a new demand, Kibe insists that Akothee hand over her phone to Rue Baby, as he now only wishes to communicate with her. He seems to be particularly impressed by Rue Baby among Akothee’s daughters, believing that they could potentially have a great connection and chemistry.

Akothee, who has five children with three different men, often refers to them as her baby daddies. Despite her past failed relationships and the challenges she has faced, Akothee takes pride in being a loving and devoted mother to her children. She openly shares photos and videos of her family on social media, discussing both the joys and struggles of motherhood and maintaining a strong familial bond.

Kibe asserts that Akothee tends to attract elderly men, whom he jokingly refers to as “Maumau fighters,” typically aged 70 and above. He believes that only these older men can truly appreciate Akothee’s intellect and beauty. However, personally, he claims that Akothee fails to arouse his interest.