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Andrew Kibe Offers Azziad Nasenya Sh10,000 To Show Him Her B00bs. “Nionyeshe tu”

Controversial content creator, Andrew Kibe has taken his hunt to Azziad Nasenya’s door.

This time though, he is not blasting the lass but begging her to show him happiness.

Kibe on his live YouTube show asked Azziad to show him her boobs photo and he will pay her.

He said that there is a man who wants to see her boobs and he will pay Azziad a whooping Ksh 10,000.

Kibe went on to add that it is only him and the man who will see the boobs photos adding that he will never leak them.

He however gave Azziad an ultimatum of three months noting that after they are over, he won’t be interested anymore.

Kibe claimed that after the three months have lapsed, Azziads’ boobs will have sagged and won’t be enticing.