Andrew Kibe: Nitakula huyu Mungai Eve na huyu Boyfriend Yake Nimlipe

One of the most contentious figures in the realm of content creation and YouTube, Andrew Kibe, has once again sparked controversy with his recent statements. This time, Kibe directed his comments towards Mungai Eve and her boyfriend, director Trevor, making some provocative remarks.

During a live session on YouTube, Andrew Kibe speculated about the potential reactions he might encounter upon returning to Kenya. He openly discussed individuals with whom he has conflicts and predicted their responses to his presence in the country.

Among those embroiled in a bitter feud with Kibe is Mungai Eve and her boyfriend, Director Trevor. In fact, Mungai Eve took the drastic step of blocking Andrew Kibe on all her social media platforms due to his history of insulting both her and Trevor.

Kibe asserted that he anticipates Director Trevor and Mungai Eve seeking to interview him upon his return. He stated that his initial interaction with Mungai Eve’s boyfriend would involve making eye contact and inviting him to engage physically, as Trevor has publicly expressed intentions to confront Kibe upon his arrival in Kenya.

Expanding on his plan, Kibe mentioned that he expects Trevor to be tense, so he plans to ease the tension by offering him some money as pocket money. In a more intimate twist, Kibe declared his intention to get close with Trevor’s girlfriend, Mungai Eve.

It’s important to note that Kibe conveyed these sentiments in a vulgar manner, emphasizing that he is serious and not joking. However, he clarified that such scenarios would only unfold if he decides to return to Kenya, as he is currently residing in the USA for an undisclosed period.