Andrew Kibe- Caroline Mutuko Will Never Be Heard On Radio Again

In a recent podcast, Andrew Kibe, a popular podcaster, spoke about the legendary radio presenter Caroline Mutoko and her impact on the airwaves. Kibe acknowledged Mutoko as the best female radio presenter in the country’s history, stating that she was unrivaled by those who came after her, such as Kamene Goro and Sheila Kwamboka.

Kibe praised Mutoko’s radio skills, describing her as “the baddest bich on radio” when she entered the scene. He went on to claim that Mutoko’s influence was at its peak when she was on top, commanding attention and influencing policies. However, Kibe went on to explain that Mutoko’s career was cut short because of her age and declining sexual appeal. He suggested that her star power diminished once her sexual value decreased, and she was taken off the radio. According to Kibe, this is a common occurrence in the industry, as radio stations tend to favor younger presenters with more sexual appeal.

Kibe also compared Mutoko to Maina Kageni, a fellow radio presenter, stating that Kageni remained relevant because he had managed to adapt to the industry’s changing demands. Kibe predicted that Kamene Goro, another popular radio presenter, would soon face the same fate as Mutoko, once her sexual value decreased.

In conclusion, Kibe’s podcast discussed Caroline Mutoko’s rise and fall in the radio industry and how her age and declining sexual value affected her status as a radio presenter.