Amber Ray: “Hatupendani na Vera Sidika, She is Too Fake.”

Kenyan socialite Amber Ray has been expressing her disdain towards fellow socialite and reality TV star Vera Sidika, citing past incidents that have fueled their ongoing feud.

Amber Ray revealed that a while back, her best friend had been a pillar of support for Vera Sidika, offering significant help and assistance. However, when this close friend sadly passed away, Vera did not show up to mourn her nor did she contribute anything towards the funeral expenses.

Earlier this year, Amber openly disclosed the reason for her anger towards Vera and why she chose to publicly express her animosity. It appears that when Vera relocated to Mombasa, she frequently reached out to their mutual friend, complaining about financial struggles. Despite her financial situation, Vera still insisted on having a lavish baby shower for her daughter, Asia.

In response to Vera’s financial predicament, their mutual friend generously paid Vera’s hospital bills and even arranged for a luxurious limousine to transport her to a furnished apartment in Kilimani since Vera did not have a home in Nairobi.

The crux of Amber’s animosity towards Vera lies in Vera’s apparent lack of care and concern when their friend passed away in 2021. Despite all the help and support the friend had provided, Vera seemed largely indifferent and absent during the difficult time.

Adding to the tension, last year, Amber reignited her feud with Vera, accusing her of being fake and lacking a sincere heart.

Rumors of their dispute being fueled by Vera’s romantic involvement with Brown Mauzo, who had a past relationship with Amber, surfaced. However, Vera dismissed these claims, stating that her relationship with Brown Mauzo was strictly a business partnership.

The ongoing feud between Amber Ray and Vera Sidika has been characterized by past grievances and personal disagreements, causing tensions to persist between the two Kenyan socialites.