AMAZING: These Kenyans are millionaires at their 20s - 3rd one will shock you -

AMAZING: These Kenyans are millionaires at their 20s – 3rd one will shock you

Over the past few years, the youth globally have been employing innovative methods to make money. Kenya is not an exception, as we have seen young people amass millions from their creative ideas. Some of the popular avenues include content creation, influencing, fashion designing, and YouTube.

In Kenya, several young adults in their twenties are already millionaires. Here are a few examples.

Moyah David is a 20-year-old millionaire who has made a name for himself through his exceptional dancing skills. He gained popularity from his Tik Tok videos, where he danced for strangers and gifted them flowers and presents. He has close to 2.5 million followers on the platform, and he also runs a YouTube channel and a Facebook page with a significant following. Moyah is now the CEO of Moyah Surprises Limited, a company that specializes in delivering surprises to loved ones. Additionally, he owns a beauty spa in Kilimani.

Thee Pluto, a content creator and businessman, is another millionaire in his 20s. He is based in Kilimani and is known for his ‘loyalty test’ program, which exposes people cheating on their partners. The program earned him a considerable following on social media platforms. Thee Pluto is also a brand ambassador for Instabet betting company and has invested heavily in real estate. He is the CEO of Summer House Real Estate and Planet Homes Kenya.

Eve Mungai is a 22-year-old content creator, YouTuber, and influencer with over 500K subscribers on her YouTube channel. She rose to fame by highlighting the struggles of slum dwellers and has helped several celebrities gain recognition. Eve is estimated to earn close to 1.5M shillings from her channel and resides in Kileleshwa, where she drives a Toyota Crown.

Nairobi West Niccur, a 22-year-old fashion designer, became an online sensation after it was revealed that he was Raila Odinga’s shoe supplier. He has over 250K followers on Instagram and is the CEO of Thrift Trendy, a fashion shop in Nairobi CBD. He also has a clothing line called ‘La Beaste,’ which dresses artists and celebrities.