“Alinitumia vibaya na hakulipa” Shakilla accuses Eric Omondi of using her well

Shakilla, an emerging figure in social circles, recently divulged correspondences from former radio DJ Andrew Kibe on her Instagram. Shortly thereafter, she utilized the same platform to expose Eric Omondi.

Shakilla accused the comedian of leveraging her for free publicity for his performances. She contended that Omondi outright refused to compensate her and other cast members for their work on the Wife Material show in 2021. Despite attempts to reach out to Eric, she alleges that he has ignored her calls, leaving her without her rightful compensation.

In a surprising twist, Mishi Dora, seemingly as a cautionary move, depicted Shakilla as a warning. This has led to the self-proclaimed “Club Covid queen” disappearing from social media.

Shakilla asserted that her absence from social media was a strategic move prompted by the need to capitalize on the situation. She claimed that Eric Omondi exploited her and others during the Wife Material show, where he failed to fulfill financial obligations and exhibited bias in selecting the winner.

Expressing her frustration on Instagram live, Shakilla lamented, “Eric has used me in so many ways. He did not pay me or anyone on the Wife Material show, and was biased and unfair in choosing the winner, so I had to come up with a wise way to gain from the show.” She further added, “If I don’t get any monetary value on this, at least I’ll get social media presence out of it.”

Shakilla called on Eric to live up to his commitment to supporting local talents, criticizing him for exploiting people without adequately compensating content creators. As of now, Eric Omondi has not responded to the allegations.