“Alikuwa Anaenda Raundi Moja Tu!,Kunyamba Na Kukimbia Uchi Kwa Nyumba Akisema Bazuu Bazuu” Marya Prude On Leaving Willis Raburu

Marya Prude’s decision to end her relationship with Willis Raburu is one she stands firmly behind, without any regrets.In a candid interview with Hivipunde TV, Marya Prude addressed rumors of her supposed struggle with depression following her split from Willis Raburu, who has since moved on to marry Ivy Namu….CONTINUE READING

Refuting the media’s portrayal of her, Marya asserted, “It’s ridiculous how gossip sites keep tying me to my past. I’ve embraced a new life, one of my own choosing, not the one society thrust upon me.”

When pressed to elaborate on her relationship with the former host of the 10 over 10 show, Marya responded with apparent annoyance, stating, “He never meant anything to me. It was a one-time thing, just passing gas and running around the house naked, calling it love.”

Despite Marya’s stance, some Kenyans took to social media to criticize her, urging her to acknowledge her need for healing.

“It’s disheartening how we can belittle those who once brought us joy. This isn’t fair,” expressed a Facebook user named Purity Muthoni.