“Alikaa sana”-Drama As Sex Worker Confronts A Nairobi Prison Warder For Taking Too Long In The Act.

There was drama in Nairobi, Dandora area on Wednesday, June 16 after a commercial sex worker confronted a Warder attached to the Langata Police station for taking too long in the act and being violent on her.

The lady identified as Joan Awuor is said to have dragged Denis Ouma to Dandora Police station after he allegedly became violent on her after taking two hours in the act.

The lady said that they both agreed to have sex in her house and the charges would be Ksh 4,000 which Denis paid via Mpesa.

Sources said that the officers took too long to cum which made the lady tired and decided to push him away.

“After the act, the police officer did not complete the mission since he did not ejaculate after two hours of happiness,” the report read in part.

Denis is then accused of becoming violent since he had not reached his climax where he threatened her to get back to bed or refund him his money.

The lady is said to have refused and the officer issued threats of ending her life if she did not make him ejaculate.

“Ask him why he was breaking things in my house? Why did he go ahead and break my door? The truth is that he messed up,” she said when contacted.

The two were briefly held at the station before they allegedly came to an amicable agreement.