Alex Mwakideu Closes His Restaurant and Car Wash in Kitengela

On Monday, popular Kenyan radio personality Alex Mwakideu announced that he would be closing his restaurant and car wash in Kitengela, a town located just outside of Nairobi. This news has come as a surprise to many, as the business had been thriving for several years and was a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

According to Mwakideu, the decision to close the business was not an easy one. He stated that he had been struggling to keep up with the demands of running both the restaurant and the car wash, and had been struggling to turn a profit in recent months. Despite his best efforts, Mwakideu was unable to find a way to make the business sustainable and was forced to make the difficult decision to close.

The closure of the restaurant and car wash has been met with mixed reactions from the community. Many were saddened by the news, as the business had become a beloved institution in Kitengela. However, others were understanding of Mwakideu’s decision, knowing that running a business can be challenging at times.

Despite the closure of the restaurant and car wash, Mwakideu has assured his customers that he will continue to be involved in the community and will look for other opportunities to serve the people of Kitengela. He thanked his customers for their support over the years and expressed his hope that they will continue to support him in the future.

In conclusion, the closure of Alex Mwakideu’s restaurant and car wash in Kitengela was a difficult decision for the popular radio personality, but one that he felt was necessary for the sustainability of his business. While the news was met with sadness by some, Mwakideu’s commitment to the community and his determination to find new opportunities for serving the people of Kitengela give hope that this is not the end of his entrepreneurial journey.