Alchemist: Club on the Spot Again , Bouncers Recorded Beating a Lady and Throwing her Out

Yet again well known Nairobi night club Alchemist is on the spotlight for a negative reason just a month after its reopening. The club on 29th May made headlines after racism claims.

The video shared on the internet revealed there was a line for blacks and whites. In the video, security guards are on video chasing a black reveler from the entrance line to rejoin the set entrance for blacks.

After the occurrence, Nairobi governor Anne Kananu ordered for the closure of the premises as investigation continue.

Later on the club was resumed and revelers as expected overwhelmed in the Westlands based joint.

Be that as it may, on Sunday night, a video shared shows bouncers at the same office mistreating and throwing out a female reveler.

In the video, the lady in recorded being fought by over three bouncers before she is forcefully thrown out of the gate.