Akothee defends Diana Marua, demands respect from her kids -

Akothee defends Diana Marua, demands respect from her kids

Akothee, a renowned Kenyan singer, widely recognized by her stage name, Esther Akoth, has come to the defense of Diana Marua Bahati, a popular Instagram content creator. Diana was facing allegations suggesting that she had children with three notable figures: Victor Wanyama, a prominent footballer, Abel Mutua, a well-known movie producer and director, and KRG the Don, a rapper.

Akothee strongly criticized those who manipulated a photo shared by Diana, featuring her three daughters – Morgan, Heaven, and Majesty Bahati. The image had been digitally altered to imply that the aforementioned men were the actual fathers of the children, instead of singer Bahati who is visibly present in the photograph.

In this photoshopped image, Wanyama was linked to Morgan Bahati, Abel Mutua to Majesty, and KRG the Don to Heaven, with the intention of suggesting a close resemblance.

Expressing her concern, Akothee emphasized that such photoshopping should cease, especially for the sake of the children. She denounced the act as disrespectful and highlighted the damaging impact it could have on the children involved. Akothee questioned the motive behind such actions, condemning the societal tendency to demean and stereotype women in an unfair manner.

Akothee empathized with the emotional turmoil that such an incident could cause to any family, regardless of gender or role within the family structure. She highlighted the potential for these manipulated images to be exploited by bullies, subjecting innocent children to torment at school. She further underscored the multifaceted reasons celebrities share their family photos – as personal milestones, sources of inspiration, and even entertainment – and urged people not to underestimate their significance.

In her impassioned statement, Akothee vowed not to remain silent when it comes to matters involving children. She drew attention to the distress caused by cyberbullying and how it affects both celebrities and their families. She lamented the diminishing sense of humanity in online interactions, describing the prevailing internet culture as riddled with sadism and narcissism, perpetuating pain and suffering.

Akothee revealed her stance that, had she been in Diana and Bahati’s shoes, she would take legal action against anyone responsible for altering the photo, regardless of their social or economic status. She stressed the need for respect, especially in matters concerning families and children.

Prior to Akothee’s intervention, Victor Wanyama also released a statement, labeling the issue as baseless and foolish.