Ajib Gathoni finaly addresses breakup rumours with Josh wonder -

Ajib Gathoni finaly addresses breakup rumours with Josh wonder

Ajib Gathoni, a popular TikToker and dancer, has confirmed that she and Josh Wonder are no longer in a romantic relationship. Fans discovered the news when the two stopped using each other’s hashtags in their TikTok videos and unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Despite fans hoping that the breakup was a prank, Ajib made it clear in a video that it was not. Some fans expressed their disappointment and desire to see more videos of the two on YouTube, but Ajib revealed that they only had two videos on their channel and urged fans to get comfortable with watching those.

Ajib and Josh founded a clothing line called Random Wear, but Ajib revealed that it is closing down. The reason for their breakup remains unknown, as the two have chosen to remain private about it.

Ajib’s popularity as a dancer and influencer on TikTok has continued to grow, as she recently won the Pulse Award for Best Dancer Influencer for the second year in a row. The former couple met on TikTok and gained a massive following while documenting their relationship journey, with fans referring to them as “couple goals.”