After Years Of Rejection, Now I Am In A Happy Marriage

After Years Of Rejection, Now I Am In A Happy Marriage.

With that feeling of being rejected, nobody wanted to associate with me even my own friends.

For long, I had nowhere to hide my shameful face for every street I passed by, people talked about me to a level I started feeling ashamed and stigmatized.

Remember I was the firstborn in a family of eight children and had to multitask to help my parents.

I was even forced to quit school so as to fully help them in hustling.

My family was always ranked among the poorest families in our village. We had to do extra work to get something to eat.

Daily we used to trek for kilometers in search of work. It wasn’t easy but somehow we managed because it was the only option.

Some day later, my future husband – the man I have been seeing for sometime – came along with his family came.

I was happy to receive them. And after the negotiations with my family, they ordered for the bride to be brought forward so that they may see me.

I was not feeling healthwise; just as I had stepped outside our house, I started feeling dizzy and immediately had something like a seizure. I shuttered for 45 minutes.

And after waking up and being told what happened, I felt shuttered again and cursed myself because none in our family had the disease.

Everyone now started to avoid me. Things were not easy too.

I dated three men and whenever I asked them for marriage none accepted. One day as I was surfing on the internet, I came across a website by Kiwanga Doctors.

A traditional healer. Without hesitation, I took their number and called.

He told me that he would cast a Love Spell for me and men will be falling around me.

Fine, in no time, I got a man who accepted to marry me. We are happily together now, as married couple.

Thanks to Kiwanga Doctors.

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