After seeing my car, she wants me back. I just work online.

Kelvin Otieno, a young Kenyan man narrated how his girlfriend left him for a rich man because he was poor and now that he has hustled his way up, the same girlfriend wants him back.

“I have been dating this girl for almost 5 years but in 2017 I lost my job because our company closed down their Kenyan offices. I was so broke that my girlfriend of 5 years left me for another rich man. I was unable to pay rent in the city hence I relocated in the village to figure out on what next I could do. Life was really very hard and unforgiving,” he narrates.

He was then introduced to life of Spells and tried to follow what Mugwenu Traditional Herbalists call Prosperity Spells and opportunities started presenting themselves.

“In early 2018 I came across an advert of an online job on a site where people get a lot of knowledge on working online. From there people are connected to busy sites where they harvest a lot of cash daily. I joined one entity.

“At first I was very skeptical about joining since I doubted it could be some online scam but after thorough research about the company, I came to the conclusion that it was real and legit and I decided to give it an attempt.

“I received my first payment of sh 17,000 after 3 weeks of joining and I was very excited. At this point I could tell that the site was a lucrative job to venture in. Much of income came from affiliate commissions earned after inviting some referrals to join the program. My second payment of sh 35,000 came after 6 weeks of joining the program,” he narrated.

Life started to improve day after another and in just four months period, he had already made close to 600K and bought small white second hand car manual type costing sh 350,000. Life was definitely coming up and one day when he was driving around town for an evening drink with buddies, the girl who dumped him coincidentally saw him and started calling him. He picked her call and she asked to greet him. He accepted and told her he wanted to rush for a meeting.

Since then, you cannot believe that the girl has been calling him nonstop requesting to meet him.

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