After quitting Inooro TV, Muthoni wa Mukiri confesses earning Ksh65,000 from YouTube

Muthoni wa Mukiri captivated audiences of Inooro TV with her allure, charisma, and adept command of the Kikuyu language, earning her immense popularity among viewers. Alongside her co-anchor Ken Wakuraya, she formed an irresistible on-screen duo, endearing herself to the hearts of many in the Kikuyu community, where Inooro TV holds sway.

However, her sudden departure from the station after five years came as a shock to many, sparking numerous inquiries. In December 2020, she bid farewell to her fans, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support throughout her tenure. She announced her departure, stating, “It’s been an amazing five years, but my journey at Inooro TV has come to an end. I want to thank you my fans, my supporters, my friends and everyone who has supported me during that journey. I will miss you dearly.”

Determined to embark on a new chapter, she redirected her efforts toward her YouTube channel, transitioning to a full-time YouTuber. Specializing in relationship content, she has amassed a substantial following, boasting 46,500 subscribers.

In a recent revelation, Muthoni disclosed her earnings from her YouTube endeavors, surprising many Kenyans. Despite recently becoming engaged, she openly shared that she earned Ksh65,000 in March solely from her YouTube content, alongside varying amounts in previous months.

Her transparency extended to her encouragement for aspiring YouTubers, emphasizing the potential for substantial earnings with engaging content and a dedicated following. While acknowledging the inconsistency in earnings, she advised against solely relying on YouTube income, citing the fluctuating nature of the platform. Nonetheless, she highlighted the possibility of earning upwards of a million shillings with perseverance and quality content.

In addition to her YouTube pursuits, Muthoni manages a prosperous hair parlour specializing in high-quality weaves and human hair. Established during her tenure at Inooro TV, her business has grown into a lucrative venture, further showcasing her entrepreneurial prowess.