Africas: “We Did Not Leave Crazy Kennar, Our Contracts Were Terminated.”

Former Crazy Kennar cast member, Africas Shiro, has recently shed some light on their departure from the comedy series. In response to a fan on social media, Africas revealed that their exit from Crazy Kennar was not voluntary; rather, their contracts were terminated, effectively forcing them to leave the group. However, the exact cause of the termination was not disclosed.

Last month, Africas (Shiro) and Bushra Sakshi, both crew members, unfollowed the content cartel on Instagram. They shared messages on their respective Insta stories that seemed to be directed at the comedian, hinting that the truth would eventually come to light. Bhushra expressed, “The truth eventually comes out. For now, let’s keep moving… peace and love,” while Africas wrote, “The truth eventually sets everyone free.”

Shiro was known for her portrayal of the character ‘Kienyeji Girl’ in various videos within Crazy Kennar.

Shortly after these incidents, another crew member, Yvonne Khisa, also unfollowed the content creator on Instagram. Yvonne posted a cryptic message on social media that left many speculating about potential conflicts between her and Kennar. She wrote, “Toxic people acting as the victim is the funniest shit ever.”

In an interview with Ankali Ray, Yvonne spoke about personal and professional growth as a reason for the change in the crew’s dynamics, implying that growing up might have played a role in the decision to part ways.

Despite the departures, Kennar has returned to making content after a brief hiatus. Netizens have been praising his comedic talent, admiring his ability to skillfully capture everyday situations in the most hilarious manner possible.