“Afadhali hivo Ilitoka”: Akothee Glad She Miscarried Baby With Omosh

Akothee’s connection with Omosh has left an indelible mark on people’s minds, especially considering the prominent figures she involved in their relationship. However, a sudden twist of events has unfolded, revealing the Kenyan beauty’s struggle with depression after what she describes as the revelation of truth, sparking rumors of a breakup.

In a detailed post, Akothee disclosed that she went through a miscarriage, expressing relief about not having a child with Mr. Schweizer, also known as Omosh, whom she had become pregnant by in December of the previous year.

During a recent live session, Akothee confirmed the breakup and conveyed her gratitude for the miscarriage experience. She candidly questioned what her life would have been like at 40 if she had given birth to Omosh’s child, highlighting concerns about how she would detach herself from such a situation.

Akothee vehemently rejects the notion that having a child with her now ex-partner was a mistake, asserting that she was prepared for parenthood. She challenges critics, asking why she didn’t stay with him if it was indeed an error. According to her, she was financially ready for a child when Omosh entered her life, justifying her decision to conceive.

Prior to the breakup, Akothee had cautioned fans against addressing her as Mrs. Schweizer, declaring her intent to take legal action against anyone doing so for the sake of preserving her character.

Currently, Akothee finds solace and joy in spending most of her time with Nelly Oaks.