Actor Wandahuhu cries for help, unable to pay rent says famous friends left him

Famous actor Frank Kimani, also known by his stage name Wadahuhu, is currently living in difficult circumstances and has struggled to pay his rent. Despite his successful career in television shows such as Vashita and Muicii na Kihii, the father of three has faced numerous challenges, including the loss of his son to mental illness.

According to content creator Derrick Mbugua, Wadahuhu has often been evicted from his home due to unpaid rent and has been abandoned by many of his famous friends. Despite landing a few acting jobs with Gikarati and Kamangu, they are not enough to support him financially.

“This man needs help. It’s not enough to wait until he passes away and then express how much we loved his acting,” said Derrick. “True fans understand that being a celebrity does not equate to financial stability. It’s important for fellow actors to support one another in times of need.”

He further urged the public to recognize that behind the public image of successful actors, many of them may be facing personal struggles and financial difficulties.