"Achaneni na bwana yangu" ,Mungai Eve Cautions Fans DMing Her Husband At Midnight -

“Achaneni na bwana yangu” ,Mungai Eve Cautions Fans DMing Her Husband At Midnight

Mungai Eve, a popular digital video creator, has advised her fans not to contact her “husband” Director Trevor late at night when they see him online. She clarified that she would be the one online at that time, doing patrols, not Trevor.

On Instagram, Mungai shared, “If you see my husband online at 7 pm, don’t text him, it’s me on patrol.”

However, one fan commented on the post, questioning whether Mungai’s husband had any certified documents to prove their marriage.

Mungai responded to the comment, asking if the fan was in charge of issuing documents. Despite being workmates, Mungai and Trevor are a couple and have achieved significant success in their profession.

They recently celebrated their fifth anniversary, and Mungai expressed gratitude for Trevor’s friendship and how he positively impacted her life. In her anniversary message, she thanked God for bringing him into her life and hoped for a love that lasts a lifetime and a friendship that never ends. She also appreciated Trevor’s unwavering support, belief, and encouragement.