A Rogue City Gynecologist Drugged And Raped My Wife -

A Rogue City Gynecologist Drugged And Raped My Wife

We had lived with my wife for three years and we really enjoyed living together as a couple.

She was a teacher at a secondary school in Mtwapa and I too was a surveyor in the same town. Life was just but awesome.

My wife was really concerned about our health and each time one would even cough she would be concerned. We had one bouncing baby boy and were on the verge of getting another one.

The She would frequent clinic for checkups. One day I was called that my wife was in a bad state and when I went to the hospital to check on her, doctors said he had evidence she had been raped, and later drugged.

In my thought I knew well it maybe the trusted gynecologist. Since I had his number I tried calling but he was offline. I tried to reach him but he was actually nowhere to be traced at any point.

The news spread in each media platform. It was stigmatizing. When my wife recovered I took her home after two weeks in hospital. I really felt for her. Our first born kid would ask what had her mum done for she had seen her in the news headlines but I lied to her due to embarrassment.

I became frustrated to a point I wanted to revenge but I was not an Angel at the same time to reveal where the rogue gynecologist was. Anything wrong that could have happened to the gynecologist I was the one to be responsible.

I however came up with a way of dealing with him. It was a good time to look for a second option of punishing such a person without creating commotion.

I was to pay any amount to any person who could come across the fellow so that to teach him a lesson. Good luck I was tipped about a traditional Doctor Kiwanga.

Then next day I was at their doorstep to seek justice for my lovely wife. I was attended to and later left for home.

Two days later, there were some breaking news that the gynecologist had submitted himself to a nearby police station. The guy later was arraigned in court and ordered to pay us 1.5 million shillings.

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