A “MGANGA” With 400 kids and 68 wives buried inside a brand new "PRADO" with music playing -

A “MGANGA” With 400 kids and 68 wives buried inside a brand new “PRADO” with music playing

Simon Odo, also known as the King of Satan, was a native doctor from the Aji community who was recently laid to rest in a unique manner. Rather than a traditional burial, the 74-year-old was buried inside a brand new car on his compound. Odo was well-known in the community for his unconventional lifestyle, including having over 60 wives and building several homes to accommodate his large family.

According to Joseph Ugwu, a friend of Odo’s who himself was married to 68 wives and had over 200 children and grandchildren, Odo had three palaces in different locations within the community. Each palace had several houses where his wives and children lived. Despite his unorthodox lifestyle, Odo was known for being a caring father who knew all of his children personally and encouraged their education.

Odo’s son, Arinze, shared that his father adopted the name Onuwa, which means “what the people or the world say,” as he did not care about others’ opinions. He also revealed that Odo married many wives because he was the only surviving male child of his parents. Odo’s friend recounted that he married women from different parts of Nigeria, including a woman from Kano whom he sent away due to her behavior. However, contrary to popular belief, Odo did not use native medicine for rituals and instead focused on treating various ailments.

At his funeral, Odo’s favorite song played from the car that served as his coffin, which was the first time such a funeral had taken place in Aji village. His children believed that the car engine running during the burial signified his smooth transition into the afterlife. Despite his unique lifestyle, Odo’s family remembers him fondly for his love and dedication to his children and his contributions to their education and well-being.