A lady narrates how she slept with a dead body for 6months in order to get pregnant

A woman, identified as Adeabo from Nigeria, shared a story about her struggles with infertility. She explained that she had been married for several years without being able to conceive a child. In her desperation for a solution, she visited a native doctor who recommended that she sleep with a dead man in a mortuary for six months as a way of cleansing her from bad spirits that were responsible for her childlessness.

Despite the absurdity of the request, Adeabo agreed and made arrangements with a mortuary attendant to sleep with a dead male corpse every day for six months. However, after the stipulated time period, nothing happened, and her barrenness problem remained unsolved. She described this experience as the worst moment of her life, and it was a difficult time sleeping with a dead body.

After this failed attempt, another person introduced Adeabo to a herbalist who gave her some herbal concoctions to drink for four months to help her conceive. She followed the herbalist’s advice and became pregnant with two children after the four-month period. Adeabo expressed gratitude to the herbalist who helped her become pregnant.

Reflecting on her experience, Adeabo acknowledged that the decision to sleep with a dead man was the worst decision she ever made. She urged people not to follow such instructions from native doctors, but instead, seek medical help or consult with a qualified herbalist. Adeabo also emphasized that she would never forget the nightmare she went through in the mortuary and that it would remain with her forever.