A Kisii Lady Confused My Brother With Witchcraft. This Is What I Did To Counter Her Scheme.

Many people think that witchcraft isn’t real; the truth of the matter is that witchcraft exists and is real.

Before I saw what my brother underwent I din’t believe in witchcraft. My elder brother Tom had changed. He was no longer a bro I grew up with.

He was different, he never wanted to converse nor associate with anyone from the family. We tried our level best to try and talk to him but he never wanted to hear from us.

Despite several visits of my mum and dad to his place to try and ask him whatever was going on in his life beared no fruits because he turned them away citing that he knew no one as family but only his wife and his in-laws.

I never understood what was going on, Tom had changed, and he never wanted to hear from us. He totally avoided us.

Despite numerous calls I gave him he never bothered to receive nor answer back none of them. I decided to find out what was going on myself.

I went to an elder in the society and talked that’s when I learned that my brother Tom had been be witched by his wife to turn aganaist his own family. He was our firstborn in the family of 8 siblings.

My parents did their best to have him educated and helped him acquire a job; in return they expected him to return his hand back and try help them out and his siblings complete their education.

If I can remember very well when we were growing up we were so close and spent much of our time together.

I never thought there was going to come an outsider who is going to separate us for good, there is no way that I was going to allow that happen.

I went to church elders and informed them about the menace that had be fallen my brother, and that I was seeking spirit intervention to pervert that. They informed me to keep praying for him and that the situation would change.

I prayed each and every time to a point of fasting but nothing happened. If I could meet Tom on the way he would from time to time evade me, never wished to talk to him.

I went back to the church and informed the elders and informed them of everything. They too tried their best to change the situation but nothing happened. Days turned into months, and this had become too much.

I decided to confront the witchcraft herself and asked him why she was doing whatever he was doing at that moment to my beloved brother.

She arrogantly stated that he owned him and all his money and property belonged to her and her family and nothing is going to change that. He threatened to bewitch me if I continued to ask her about her business with my brother.

I lost hope because I had no powers. I knew the police too would not help me at all.

One day as I was surfing on the internet, I came across a website of kiwanga doctors and upon opening it I learned that they had powers to counter witchcraft.

With no hesitance I took their contacts and booked an appointment with them.

The following day I met Doctor kiwanga and informed him about my brother. He requested for his picture and did cast a spell to counter the witchcraft from my brother’s wife.

Further informed me all would be well In just a few days. In three days we heard a knock at the door. When I went to check it was Tom, down on his knees.

He apologized for everything and he never knew what he did. He promised to be with family again and that he never wanted to see his wife whom he said was a witch.

He came back home and build his residence, he never wishes to be away from us.

Thanks to kiwanga doctors we are a family now.

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