“A day after we were declared husband and wife, my manhood could not rise to the occasion that night as I would only watch my wife despite having sexual urge” A Kisumu based man says

A man in Kisumu shared a bizarre scenario that happened to him just after he officially married
his beloved wife. Otieno a resident of Nyamasaria Kisumu county claims during courtship period
everything was always fine as he never experienced such a problem. He thought it was just but
a normal health condition but only for the problem to last even longer.
“Every time when my wife wanted us to go intimate, I would stay at her. My manhood would
completely shrink. Sexual feelings would completely disappear despite the level of seduction she
offered me,” he said.
As he says, he was not ready to share the problem with anyone as he felt stigmatization would
hit on him hard. This meant he would live with the problem even longer. His wife on the other
hand kept on doubting him. She came up with the notion that Otieno had no sexual feelings for
her. She even accused him of having another woman outside their wedlock who sexually
satisfied him.

Finally, Mr. Otieno had his problem solved. This was after he met a long time herbalist who had
helped vast number of other men with a similar disorder. This came after he ran into the
herbalist blog on social media.

“The herbs from this man Dr Mugwenu were of great impact into my life. Everything was
restored. I’m now sexually active and ready to go always. My advice to other men living in

silence with this problem is that Dr Mugwenu has all what they need to sort out their
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