8 interesting facts about Kokan of ‘Sultana’ series

Nelson Mandela, popularly known as Kokani in the renowned Citizen TV series ‘Sultana,’ stands as a gifted male actor whose journey to prominence is a testament to his unwavering determination and resilience.

Originating from the tranquil coastal village of Kipini in Lamu, Kokani’s upbringing was defined by modest beginnings. Born into a financially challenged family, he bore witness to his mother’s unyielding efforts to support him and his siblings following their father’s demise – a driving force that fuels his daily endeavors.

Kokani’s Educational Pursuits Mandela’s educational voyage led him through Bamburi Primary School, where he successfully completed his KCPE in 2002. He then enrolled at Serahani Secondary School, a day school that further enriched his perspective on life.

With unwavering resolve and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, he pursued a degree in Shipping Studies and a Diploma in Guiding and Counseling.

Kokani’s Introduction to the World of Acting Kokani’s initiation into the realm of acting was a reflection of his audacious spirit. Despite lacking prior experience, he secured his debut role in the series ‘Majaliwa,’ which aired on Citizen TV from 2008 to 2009.

This courageous leap marked the inception of his acting journey as he portrayed the character Kitua. The series graced screens every Saturday at 7:30 PM, capturing audiences’ attention.

Following the culmination of the series, Kokani explored the hospitality industry, amassing nearly a decade of valuable experience.

However, his fervor for acting endured, and in 2022, he made a triumphant return to the acting scene in ‘Sultana.’

Kokani’s Noteworthy Role in ‘Sultana’ In the television series ‘Sultana,’ Kokani embodies the character of an orphan raised by Bi Dama, receiving education from Major Jabali.

His profession as a doctor is marred by a visible burn scar on his face, becoming a poignant challenge. This scar isolates him, forcing him to navigate life devoid of companionship.

Kokani’s solitude intensifies due to his resentment towards Major Jabali, who seems to have disregarded him. Expressing his disillusionment, he severs ties with Jabali’s family, extending his bitterness even to Jabali Junior (Othman Njaidi), whom he blames for his predicament. The rivalry between Kokani and Jabali Junior over their affection for Sultana (Mwanaasha Johari) ignites the storyline.

For Mandela, the camaraderie among his co-stars in ‘Sultana’ propels him to deliver his utmost performance. While he humbly positions himself as the ‘underdog’ within the ensemble, the synergy among the actors spurs him to deliver exceptional portrayals.

Personal Life and Interests Beyond the spotlight, Kokani embraces marital life. He adeptly manages the complexities of sustaining a relationship while inhabiting a role that often attracts critique.

As Kokan in ‘Sultana,’ he embodies a character that tends to evoke strong negative reactions from viewers. Recognizing the potential challenges this poses for his spouse, he actively shields her from online negativity and insults.

Behind the scenes, Kokani exudes a sense of humor, readily sharing laughter and uplifting those around him.

Admired Actors and Future Aspirations Mandela’s admiration for fellow actors is palpable, with a special nod to the esteemed Nini Wacera. Eager to collaborate with her, he acknowledges her legendary status within the industry.

Beyond his acting prowess, Kokani’s versatility shines through his roles in consultancy, capacity training, team building, corporate emceeing, voice-over artistry, and his dedication to fitness.

Aside from his acting pursuits, Kokani is involved in consultancy, capacity training, team building, corporate emceeing, voice-over artistry, and holds a fervent dedication to fitness.

Nurturing a vision for the future, Kokani aspires to establish his own shipping company, facilitating continuous engagement in the logistics domain.