56-year-old Mkokoteni Pusher Begs For New Clothes For Christmas.

A rather sad story of a man who has been pushing Mkokoteni for the past 30 years has made its way into the social streets.

The 56-year-old Ghanaian man’s story was first shared by an entrepreneur identified as Noble Wisdom Dorboe on his LinkedIn profile.

He revealed that despite the man being hardworking, he can not afford decent clothes nor meals.

Dorboe also went on to reveal that the man earns between Ksh 180 and Ksh 270 per day despite the hard work of pushing a cart.

Dorboe also stated that the man approached him and asked him for a new shirt and trouser for Christmas as the festivities begin.

The man’s story has captured the hearts of many social media users with most sympathizing with the poor man and his situation.