“3 bedroom House with Pool and IPhone 15” – Lady list requirements before you can CHOP her “NUNU”

Controversial figure Abena Korkor has recently shared explicit details with affluent individuals in Ghana, outlining the specific requirements for acquiring perpetual access to her companionship.

In her communication, she stipulates that a man can secure her company indefinitely by fulfilling a set of conditions, prominently featuring the provision of a 3-bedroom residence complete with a gym, garden, and pool.

The list of prerequisites extends to include a brand-new pickup truck, an iPhone 15 Pro Max with a storage capacity of 1TB, and a Macbook.

Korkor asserted in her social media post that her previous partner had deceived her and absconded with her financial savings, thus necessitating this appeal for assistance. However, some online users have expressed skepticism, suggesting that this may have been her plan all along.