23 Year Old Comedian Mr KK Mwenyewe Asks Akothee To Marry Him

Mr. KK Mwenyewe, renowned for his exceptional impersonation skills mirroring Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, has recently made a whimsical proposition to the celebrated singer and entrepreneur, Akothee, expressing his desire to become her eighth husband following her reported split from Omosh.

The timing of Mr. KK Mwenyewe’s proposal adds a touch of intrigue, coinciding with the news of Akothee’s widely discussed separation from her former spouse, Omosh. Amidst the media frenzy surrounding the end of her marriage, Mr. KK Mwenyewe’s playful gesture injects a refreshing dose of humor and levity into the situation.

In his unique proposal, Mr. KK Mwenyewe addresses Akothee, affectionately known as “Madam Boss,” with the words, “Madam Boss Akothee, I am willing and prepared to be the eighth!”

This proposition comes amidst swirling rumors suggesting that Akothee and Omosh had parted ways, with the reappearance of Nelly Oaks in her life taking center stage.

The love story between Akothee and Omosh initially captured public attention when they decided to make their relationship a matter of public discourse. Their romance was captivating, drawing fans who were enamored by their palpable chemistry and genuine affection for one another. They appeared to be the perfect match, and their numerous public appearances together only heightened the fascination surrounding their relationship, which continued for months after their grand wedding.