2 men filmed hanging dangerously on a moving Mercedes Benz arrested

Two individuals, identified as Peter Igadwa Agawy, aged 23, and Peleg Mosongo Momari, aged 20, have been apprehended subsequent to being captured on camera engaging in perilous behavior atop a moving Mercedes Benz vehicle. The incident took place along Mombasa Road and was recorded by bystanders. Currently, they are being held in custody at the Capital Hill Police Station.

Reportedly, the event occurred on Saturday, April 20, around 9 am. The pair is scheduled to appear in court on April 23, 2024. However, the driver of the vehicle, identified as Loise Apata, remains at large.

Pending the apprehension of the female driver, the vehicle has been impounded at the Nairobi Area Traffic Headquarters. Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen brought attention to the incident on Monday, April 22, emphasizing the necessity for action against those involved. In a statement, he pledged that appropriate measures would be taken by the police.

Addressing the owner of the Mercedes Benz, identified as Mr. James Gathogo Njeri, the CS expressed concern over the reckless driving witnessed on Mombasa Road, referencing it as one of those alarming “where is the Minister” moments. Assuring responsible citizenship, he reassured that necessary actions would be taken to address the issue.