16-Year-Old Boy Wins Sh10Million Bet Bonus Using Sh100, His Father Asks Him To Return The Money

A father has reportedly asked his 19-year-old son to return a substantial sum of 10 million Kenyan shillings, which the son had unexpectedly won from a sports betting endeavor. The son had initially placed a modest bet of 100 shillings but found himself victorious, winning the significant amount.

Expressing strong disapproval of sports betting, the father insisted that his son promptly return the money to its source. This narrative came to light through an anonymous message on the messaging platform NGL, later made public by CorrectNG.

In the disclosed message, the boy’s brother turned to the public for advice on navigating the situation. He conveyed his distress over the upcoming rent payment and the escalating conflict between their father and his wife, stemming from the rejection of the betting windfall.

Despite the stroke of luck, the father remained unwavering in his stance, refusing to welcome the money into their household and maintaining that it should be returned to the betting company.