13,800 bars operating illegally closed in kenya – Kindiki

The government has taken decisive action by shutting down 13,800 bars nationwide that were operating without proper licenses and were selling beer in close proximity to schools.

Interior CS, Kithure Kindiki, revealed this development in Kajiado during a recent announcement. He disclosed that out of this significant number, 4,800 establishments were specifically targeted for vending alcoholic beverages near both public and private educational institutions.

Additionally, the CS highlighted that the remaining 9,000 premises were closed for operating without valid licenses. Furthermore, Kindiki emphasized the government’s crackdown on illegal distillers by shutting down the operations of 12 distilleries nationwide operating outside the legal framework.

Speaking to the press after a meeting with service commanders in Kajiado, Kindiki elaborated on the government’s actions. He disclosed that licenses of all distillers and manufacturers, even those with prior approval, have been suspended for 21 days pending vetting.

Kindiki asserted that any licenses found lacking in terms of upholding public health and safety standards will be revoked following the vetting process. He emphasized that this measure aims to ensure stringent adherence to quality standards in the alcohol industry.

The CS’s remarks came after a routine government review meeting with the Kajiado County security and intelligence team, spearheaded by county police commander David Mburukwa. Kindiki emphasized the prevalence of land fraud in areas such as Kitengela, Isinya, Kiserian, and Rongai within Kajiado County.

He pledged a crackdown on land fraudsters, warning of severe consequences for both private individuals and public officers involved in fraudulent land dealings. The CS expressed concern over the plight of genuine landowners who are being duped by fraudulent land titles.

Furthermore, Kindiki addressed the issue of encroachment on public lands, highlighting the prevalence of fraudulent land ownership claims in Kajiado. He assured that security agencies would intensify surveillance along the Athi River – Namanga Road to combat criminal activities such as human trafficking, drug trade, and illicit ethanol transportation.

Kindiki stressed that the government’s efforts in Kajiado have already yielded results, with 400 arrests made for various offenses. He also noted the closure of 500 establishments in Kajiado alone, operating without proper documentation and selling alcohol in close proximity to schools.